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Integrated-Therapeutic Massage

Relieve pain, and increase your range of motion while improving posture and your mood.

The Benefits of Integrated Therapeutic Massage

Is integrated therapeutic massage right for you? See the benefits this type of massage can bring.

Reduce Pain

Relieve pain from past injuries, and sore muscles.

Improve Posture

Improve posture and ability to sit and stand correctly.

Range of Motion

Improve your ability to move around and distance.

Improve Mood

Feel better with less pain and improved movement.

Promote Relaxation

Improve relaxation with pain reduction & better movement.

Improve Circulation

Improve blood flow with less pain, & better movement.

Ready to Start?

If you could benefit from rain and stress reduction, a better range of motion, circulation and blood flow, schedule an appointment with Massage Specialists of East TN today.